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Insurance & Compliance

In order to comply with federal mandates requiring lending institutions to perform due diligence on the companies they are contracting to handle their repossession needs; we have been fully vetted by Vendor Transparency Solutions, an independent loss prevention and compliance management system. They properly screen and vet potential and current service providers for lending institutions. If you would like to view our profile at VTS please fill out the form below (all fields must be filled out in order to generate a link from VTS) a link will be emailed to you. Just click on it and you can view our credentials. This link is good for 30 days.



    We also carry a $3,000,000 aggregate coverage repossession insurance policy, workers compensation, and dishonesty bond.  We maintain collision insurance and have a liberal Garage Keepers liability policy in effect.
    We stay in touch with the ever changing Repossession Industry through our membership with TFA – Time Finance Adjusters.  All team members participate in continuing education through TFA and Vendor Transparency Solutions.